Your Will is an essential part of your Estate Plan. No matter what else you do to plan your estate.  Your Will serves purposes that no other estate planning document can fulfill.
It is a disposition or declaration by which the person making it (the testator) provides for the distribution or administration of his/her estate after death.

1. A formal Will must be properly executed, which means that it contains a statement at the end:         

    • Attesting that it is your Will, and
    • The date and place of signing,

2. Generally, a Will must be in writing.
3. The testator must be of legal age i.e.  at least 18 years old to make a Will.
4. The testator must be of sound mind and have testamentary capacity
5. A testator must also have testamentary intent. Testamentary intent means that the testator must intend that the paper he or she is signing be a Will.
6. The signing of a formal Will must be witnessed by at least two adults.

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