Noble Trust has been designed to provide an opportunity to the larger society to participate in various philanthropic and charitable objectives including but not limited to assisting the less privileged, physically challenged, visually impaired and such other members of our society to achieve a better quality of life.

We recognize that Nigerians are generous people and have been supportive of the less privileged members of our society through various contributions; however we believe that if we pool resources together, we can create a larger pool of funds, which would enable significant and sustainable support for these members of our society.

Noble Trust Product Features

  • Creation of a pool of funds through the donations of Philanthropists i.e. Individuals, Corporate Bodies, Non-Governmental Organizations, Local/International Philanthropic Organizations etc.
  • Funds received shall be managed and administered by the Trustee.
  • A Trust Deed setting out the objectives of the Trust shall be duly executed.
  • Creation of a Governing Council whose duties shall be to determine the selection of recipients of funds from the Trust.
  • The Governing Council shall consist of the Trustee, regular donors and representatives of Local/International Philanthropic Organizations etc.
  • Annual Audit of the Fund and review of activities at Annual General Meetings of the Fund.

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