• Financial Advisory Services
As advisers we understand client's financial situation as well as their need for financial stability. Finance can be complicated and an adviser has responsibilities ethically to see that a client's risk is minimized, and monetarily, that money is maximized
  • Treasury Advisory Services
  • The profitability of a bank or a financial institution is determined to a large extent by the institutions ability to have a positive "gap" (or "spread") of a satisfactory size between the cost of its liabilities and the price of its assets. This gap/spread expressed as a percentage of the institutions earning asset is called its NET INTEREST MARGIN (NIM). The profits of a financial institution will change as a result of relative changes to the rates return on assets and liabilities.

  • Asset and Liability Management (ALM) is the management of the net interest margin to ensure that its level and riskiness are compatible with the risk/return objectives of the institution.

  • ALM is an integrated approach to financial management, requiring simultaneous decisions about the types and amounts of financial asset and liabilities an institution holds i.e. its asset and liability mix and volume. ALM requires an understanding of a broad range of financial markets in which institutions operates.
  • Investment Advisory Services
ALM offers organizations professional advice on  investment outlets covering

  • Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Stocks
  • Real Estate
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Training
ALM Consulting in conjunction with its Strategic Alliance Partners is poised to offer world class hands on training in its purpose built Dealing Room in the following areas:
  • Foreign Currency Trading
  • Money Market Trading
  • Fixed Income Trading


  • Tax Consultancy

Tax awareness has become a critical part of every business today both local and international, “ignorance of the Tax law today is not an excuse”, ALM  is well positioned to render tax consultancy services to SME’s that will ensure proper book keeping and timely rendition of taxes in a bid to  avoid penalties. Our value proposition is based on competitive pricing which is much cheaper than obtainable from the major tax consulting firms.
the following provide details of areas we cover in rendering this service:

  • Diagnostics / Advisory
  • Record keeping
  • Remittance
  • Appropriate deduction of Tax liability
  • Training
  • State Internal Revenue Service
  • PAYE
    • Applicable Laws
    • Computations
    • Remittance
    • Benefit in Kind
    • WHT
  • Federal Inland Revenue Service
  • VAT / WHT
  • Computation / Remittance
  • Applicable percentage per Transaction / Industry
  • Tax schedule
  • Company Income Tax
  • Computation
  • Information Technology(IT) Consultancy

IT has become the back bone of every business of today and has evolved in a smart way performing all business process in a cost effective manner, while bringing value add to the business. The elimination of Infrastructure based IT to the Cloud services had made Technology easy and cost effective. ALM advises its client on the various options  available technologically.    
the following provide details of areas we cover in rendering this service

  • Advisory / Diagnostic
  • IT Diagnostic
    • Align IT with business need
    • Understanding the corporate goal whilst using Technology to drive same.
    • Recommendation of Accounting program / package
  • Payroll
  • Simple payroll Application system
  • Training 
  • Microsoft Application Training
  • Human Resource Consultancy

Human Capital has become a crucial part of every business. Through effective hiring policy, organizational structure  and training, we enable SME’s  build an effective team for growth.  ALM offers the following HR services;

  • Human Capital planning
    •  recruitment/ placement
    • Organizational structure/organogram
  • Organizational Policy and Process
    • Develop  employee handbook
    • Code of conduct
  • Performance Management
    • Conduct organizational appraisals
    • Set up performance metrics
    • Identify training needs
  • Compensation and benefit
  •  payroll planning
  • Deductions/ remittance
  • Benefit in kinds 


  • Soft skills
  • Payroll set up
  • Filing system/record keeping for HR department
  • Back Office Processing Consultancy
  • Advisory / Diagnostic
  • Documentation – Filing System 
  • Design of Operational Manual
  • Design of Chart of Account-Trial Balance
  • Accounts Report Template
  • Statement of Comprehensive income
  • Statement of Financial Position 
  • Statement of changes in Equity
  • Statement of cashflow
  • Notes to the account