We recognise that our clients’ estate planning needs and objectives are diverse. Whether to increase and protect their current asset portfolio or to ensure future distribution of these assets to beneficiaries, we aim to be a Trustworthy partner in aiding them Build Enduring Legacies


  • A Living Trust is a trust created during a person’s lifetime, while also taking effect during that lifetime.
  • It can be revocable meaning that it can be changed, amended or terminated during the Settlor’s lifetime.
  • It can be irrevocable i.e. once you create the trust and transfer assets into it; you cannot amend, change or terminate the Trust except as described in the Trust Deed.
  • A Trustee under a Living Trust holds your assets and also follows your instructions as stipulated in a Trust Deed regarding the use of these assets during your lifetime and upon your death.
  • A Trust Deed setting out the objectives of the Trust shall be duly executed by parties and stamped.
  • Professional or Proficient Administration and Management of assets transferred into the Trust.
  • Access to online account and ability to monitor your Trust account with ALM Trustees.
  • Provision of yearly Statements of Trust account.
  • A.L.T allows you to set up the Trust as a Settlor, to manage and administer the Trust as a Co-trustee and to be a beneficiary in the income generated from the Trust assets.


  • The A.L.T controls the distribution of your estate whilst providing flexibility in planning bequests.
  • Your Beneficiaries will avoid delays of Administration of Estates because the assets transferred into the Trust are separate and distinct from your Personal Estate and are therefore not accessible to Probate or to your Creditors.
  • A.L.T ensures Privacy of your estate planning instructions to only the beneficiaries provided for in the Trust Deed.
  • A.L.T ensures Succession Planning for your family business