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We have decided to share Jumoke’s story with you for a worthy cause. We believe all knowledge does not originate from direct experience and sometimes we have the opportunity to learn from the experience of others. Read on and remember the lessons in this story…..
Although men made advances at her, she made it clear that her children were her priority and committed all her time and efforts towards their upbringing.  After a few years she accumulated enough to buy a house and two shops at an Ultra-Modern market. At least, she had an alternative source of income from the rent she received from the shops and she believed she had acquired these assets for her children to inherit in the future.
Dayo got to hear of her success and decided to seek her out. He begged her to return and made promises to change his attitude towards her and the children. Her Mother also advised her to reconcile for the sake of the children but the truth is Dayo never cared about her or the children. He never bothered about their welfare and could barely tolerate them. Before things improved for Jumoke, she had called him a few times to assist her with feeding money for the children but he rained insults on her and warned her never to call him.
Thankfully, things turned around for her. Her estate could easily be worth ₦80 Million and her children can have the life she had always desired for them. This was the plan until one fateful morning when tragedy struck and Jumoke had a ghastly motor accident on her way to work. She died before the rescue got her to the Hospital. Jumoke was only 32 years of age and her twins were only 6 years old.
Jumoke did not have a Will and even though, she would have wanted her estate to go entirely to her twins, her estate was divided among Dayo and her childrenThis was so even though Dayo had abused her for years and deserted his Children for years without any form of support but she never filed for a divorce which implies Dayo as her lawful spouse. Her friends and family know there is no way Jumoke would want Dayo to receive anything from her estate. If only she had made her wishes known!
Without any doubt one lesson this story teaches is the main consequence of dying intestate (without a Will). In such cases, it is the law and not the deceased that determines who inherits the estate of a deceased. For example, where the deceased is survived by a spouse and children, only they will inherit. There is no downside to executing a Will and once made, it can easily and readily be revoked or amended. Leaving the law to dictate who inherits your estate is a risky business as this story demonstrates.
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